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Torchwood: Decaffeinated

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This is a community for all things Torchwood: fic, vids, art, icons, graphics, with one major exception: no Jack/Ianto allowed.

Why this one exception? Because there are numerous communities devoted to this one pairing, and most of the major all-inclusive communities get such a high volume of Jack/Ianto fic that it's hard to find anything else. While I realize that there are a large number of pairing specific communities available, the goal of this community is to bring everything together so that anyone looking for non-Jack/Ianto content can find it easily.

Community Rules:

1. No Jack/Ianto. Fic with Jack/Ianto as a secondary or background pairing is allowable, but the main focus must be the non-J/I pairing or plot.

2. No Doctor Who/Torchwood cast RPF. Given the nature of the show, real people will be involved. However, no RPF involving Doctor Who or Torchwood actors will be allowed.

3. Play Nice. No character bashing, flaming or wanking. This is a friendly community, let's keep it that way.

4. All posts must comply with the posting guidelines, no exceptions. Posts that do not follow these guidelines will be deleted.

5. Correct spelling/punctuation/grammar is essential. Posts with numerous typos, misspellings or incorrect grammar will be deleted. Remember: this is a community, and thus, a public forum.

6. No extremely large or small font, funny colors, or modified text. If I can't read it easily, it will be deleted.

7. Tag your entries correctly. Fic/Icons/Vid/Art, Gen/Het/Slash, rating, characters, pairings. If you are unsure about which tags to use, please refer to the tagging guidelines for help.

8. Everything, with the exception of headers, must go behind a cut. If your notes are more than 100 words long, place them under a cut as well.

9. If you are posting a new chapter, include links to all previous chapters.

10. If you are linking to your personal or fic journal, make sure the link is public. Entries linking to locked content will be deleted.

11. Community pimping without permission from the moderator is not allowed. Your post will be deleted. Look below for how to contact the Mod.

12. Any comments/questions/concerns should be directed to me either by using the page-a-mod feature or emailing me at torchwood.decaf [at] gmail [dot] com.

Moderator/Maintaner: hllangel

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